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Firsts and Lasts

Firsts and Lasts

In anticipation of a series of new firsts..

Painfully looking at some ordinary lasts..

I wish things were a little different and a little less grim..

In a war between love and obscurity.. I wish the later didn’t win..

If you could be a tad more stronger and I, a bit less understanding..

Our feelings could have avoided this brutal stranding..

Although, it was nothing compared to the past..

It does bleed when the hope is last..

Closing the doors to all of our could have beens..

Pulling everlasting drapes on behind the scenes..

This is the end of an era, a web of entangled emotions..

Somethings might hurt forever, the unscathed remains..



Oh.. here come the long awaited rains..

Determined to wash away the pains..

Winds are blowing away the past…

Making a change that will last..

Lightening cuts through the shrouds..

Clearing all the clouds..

It’s gives an awesome view..

And I no more see the color blue..




The end.

I’m tired of being an option for you..

I feel so low about my vanity..

You might not have a clear mind..

But it’ll take me long to move on..

The sooner I start the better it is..

I cannot wait for your feelings to be exclusive for me..

I cannot wait for you to let go of other options..

May be I’ll find someone who’ll love me more than you ever did..

From right now.. at this instant.. I decide to take charge of my heart..

I decide to leave..

I decide to let you go..

I make things easier for you..

May be this is the end of us..


Vaults of Heart

Share your feelings.. they said

Don’t hide anything.. they said

People close to you will understand.. they said

They didn’t know..

Somethings can be shared only with self..

Some feelings.. some pains are best left muted..

Some wounds are meant to be buried in the deepest vaults of heart.. locked and bolted

One last Apology

For breaking my heart, for mocking my love, for sharing what was mine, for shattering my dreams, for playing with my emotions, for letting me wait for your decision, for calling me and then breaking my heart again in an instant.. Yes, you do owe me one last heartfelt apology.


Tinted Soul

You didn’t ask me to leave but didn’t want me to stay..

I was never enough.. so naive, so silent.. I never served the purpose..

I didn’t have the spark that attracted you,

Didn’t have the soul that could bind you..

And it all remain the same still..

You were never here to stay and you never will..

You don’t have the courage to confess..

I am not sane anymore, my soul is tinted but I have no complaints.

I broke a heart one day and it’s my turn today..

So we are even now..

No remorse, no burdens.. it had to be this way.


The more I accept the lighter it seems to get and I wonder.. it was probably meant to be this way.. how does it matter whether the door was opened or broken, it will give you something new and it’s time to bid adieu.

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