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A pain never experienced before…

A feeling that left unexplored..

A unique combination of hatred and love..

Too lonely to be described in words..

Consoling my crying soul..

Tomorrow will be better than today..

But I swear to bury you deep down there.. leaving behind the yearn..

Piling on the stones.. one after another.. making sure there is no return..




Death of our Love

It’s a story of our love honey.. a love that died a slow.. painful death..

It started dying when others started becoming your priority..

When playfulness of others were more interesting than a geeky me..

When you shared my time with others..

When my tears became less valuable to you..

When you stopped dreaming your future with me..

When flirting was more satisfying than spending a few minutes with me..

When you kept doing things that you knew were hurting me..

When you ended the exclusivity of our relation..

when I just became an option for you..

I realized then.. I was holding onto something that was long gone..

I sat there.. refusing to let it go.. and you were at the door.. sans any expressions..

We waited for the love to breathe again..

but who are we fooling.. no one can bring the dead alive..

I don’t need your answers now..

Your silence says it all..

Let me burn the corpse..

Let me mourn the death of our love in peace..




What a happy illusion.. dreaming of spending a lifetime with you.. I was

Best person and the best heart you had.. I thought

But then.. there were fog and I was blind..

I was scared.. tried to find you but you weren’t there..

I called your name and heard your faint voice..

You asked me to stay where I was..

I trusted you.. believed that you were trying hard to get back to me…

I sensed someone else there and I was scared again..

You said I was imagining things .. I trusted you more than myself.. and I stayed where I was..

Suddenly I thought I could feel you around me again.. Ecstatic I was..

But something had changed.. you didn’t hold me as close as you used to..

you didn’t hug me the way you used to.. something was missing

But you assured me that everything was fine.. how could I not trust you.. You were my guiding light in the darkest times of my life..

In this fog around me.. I could not see that you brought a shadow with you..

A shadow.. that snatched my life from me..

A shadow.. that twisted knife into my soul..

A shadow.. that left my heart bleeding.. waiting for me to die


Tinted Soul

You didn’t ask me to leave but didn’t want me to stay..

I was never enough.. so naive, so silent.. I never served the purpose..

I didn’t have the spark that attracted you,

Didn’t have the soul that could bind you..

And it all remain the same still..

You were never here to stay and you never will..

You don’t have the courage to confess..

I am not sane anymore, my soul is tinted but I have no complaints.

I broke a heart one day and it’s my turn today..

So we are even now..

No remorse, no burdens.. it had to be this way.


Don’t judge the face, it’s the greatest deception..

looks so calm, so strong, so serene, so serious..

no mischief, no anger, no playfulness.. some might describe it as boring..

but let me remind you, it’s the greatest deception and it’s the greatest pain..

there are no words for the volcano inside,

the madness is unbearable, emotions are trying hard to show their existence,

the child within is crying for attention but..

oh.. it won’t show and you’ll never know.


It felt like everyone understood the agony in my eyes, they could see through my soul, judging my thoughts, my actions… but they knew nothing.. It was the most vulnerable I have ever felt.

Power Of Truth

Only if he knew the power of truth.. he could save his own heart with two others.

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