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But I won’t..

I want to look at you..

Take you in my arms..

Feel your heart beating..

But I won’t.. I won’t

I let the sand slip through my fingers.. oh so slow!


I want to see myself in your eyes..

See the flames glowing somewhere around..

Feel the warmth..

But I won’t.. I won’t

I let the wind blow hair out of my eyes.. oh so tender!


I want to dance with you..

Moving flawlessly with music..

Feel the rhythm binding our souls together..

But I won’t.. I won’t

I let the rain drench my feet.. oh so playful!


I want to touch your face..

See the smile playing on your lips..

Feel the time stop..

But I won’t.. I won’t

I let these visions come and go.. oh so natural!

Firsts and Lasts

Firsts and Lasts

In anticipation of a series of new firsts..

Painfully looking at some ordinary lasts..

I wish things were a little different and a little less grim..

In a war between love and obscurity.. I wish the later didn’t win..

If you could be a tad more stronger and I, a bit less understanding..

Our feelings could have avoided this brutal stranding..

Although, it was nothing compared to the past..

It does bleed when the hope is last..

Closing the doors to all of our could have beens..

Pulling everlasting drapes on behind the scenes..

This is the end of an era, a web of entangled emotions..

Somethings might hurt forever, the unscathed remains..


Love game..

Neither your memories, nor your betrayal..

Not these tears.. none of our good byes..

Nothing can take you away..

I can no longer keep my feelings at bay..

I would rather be a sore loser..

Than a heartbroken winner..

You are not mine to claim..

But I want to stay.. in the game..


Yet another trap

Trying to stay away..

Trying to be friend..

suppressing all the feelings..

I don’t know where is it going..

Everything seems to fall in place..

but what defines that place..

You talk.. I talk..

We laugh.. we tease..

But we hide our true selves..

Defying what we used to be..

I’m worried.. secretly..

Is it yet another trap I am falling into?

Do I know you..

You are close to me but warmth is gone..

I know you but comfort is gone..

I am scared of sharing my feelings.. don’t know if you’ll give the familiar response..

Decision is made but doubts are still there..

I got you but lost you at the same time..

I know I’ll have to give you space but I don’t know for how long can I wait..

Your silence is making the differences irreconcilable..

My eyes are tired of waiting for you..

My heart is broken listening to you..

You avert from even hugging..

We were better off as friends if I could see this coming..

I hope we can reconcile before it’s too late..

I hope we can start again with a clean slate..



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