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The Tale Of A Brave Heart

In a night full of stars..

They look so beautiful, the seasoned scars

The heart beating an arrhythmic beat

Singing a melody of unspoken words.. oh so sweet


Look at that flawless skin..

And the lights.. so tastefully dim

Who could fathom the depth of this darkness..

Beautifully layered beneath the silence.. so harmless


The life of love.. so fragile.. so frail..

A different face, different lies.. and a different tale

The magic fails, leaving you alone..

Curtain is down.. but the show must go on


Sad things.. these tears.. but they will sparkle if you show them light..

Show me your heart… show me the dark.. the bright

Story of strangled dreams and unseen chains..

But fight you must.. for the little of life that remains

Lost and found


How do I express it.. I felt so lost..

Never realizing which roads I crossed..

Not knowing what would I find..

I set out the foot all blind..


From sad to okay to fine to happy.. A whirlwind of emotions..

Through the tears and through the smiles.. counting my blessings


The joy of finally being at peace..

Surprises.. oh they never cease..

Mysterious life is back with all of it’s glory..

My heart skips a beat at the prospect of another story..


Oh it’s soon.. it’s too soon..

But I love the night.. and it’s full moon!



Love just happens..

Strange combination of some silly emotions..

Without any expectations.. with no measurements and needs no definition..

There is no reason and it is definitely not the season..


I find myself lost in your laughter..

Your sight makes my day brighter..

Not looking at the past.. not thinking of the future..

Living in the moment.. wiping tears away with humor..

Don’t worry about the outcome.. whatever the results be..

You will never get anything but love.. from me..


Love game..

Neither your memories, nor your betrayal..

Not these tears.. none of our good byes..

Nothing can take you away..

I can no longer keep my feelings at bay..

I would rather be a sore loser..

Than a heartbroken winner..

You are not mine to claim..

But I want to stay.. in the game..



Oh.. here come the long awaited rains..

Determined to wash away the pains..

Winds are blowing away the past…

Making a change that will last..

Lightening cuts through the shrouds..

Clearing all the clouds..

It’s gives an awesome view..

And I no more see the color blue..




Do I know you..

You are close to me but warmth is gone..

I know you but comfort is gone..

I am scared of sharing my feelings.. don’t know if you’ll give the familiar response..

Decision is made but doubts are still there..

I got you but lost you at the same time..

I know I’ll have to give you space but I don’t know for how long can I wait..

Your silence is making the differences irreconcilable..

My eyes are tired of waiting for you..

My heart is broken listening to you..

You avert from even hugging..

We were better off as friends if I could see this coming..

I hope we can reconcile before it’s too late..

I hope we can start again with a clean slate..




The more I accept the lighter it seems to get and I wonder.. it was probably meant to be this way.. how does it matter whether the door was opened or broken, it will give you something new and it’s time to bid adieu.

Everything is Okay

In such turbulent times, something tiny in my heart makes it’s voice heard.. Telling me that everything happens for a reason and given the amount of pain, that reason is got to be real good this time..

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