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Don't judge, nothing is right or wrong.. Just a few feelings expressed in words.

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The Power Within

Incarnation of divine,

We carry so much power within..

As soft and miraculous as a blossoming flower..

As fierce as all swallowing fire..


We complete ourselves..

We’re perfect in our imperfections..


We’re all puppets at the hands of our destinies..

We unknowingly become mediums of each other’s pain..

Not a way to hold grudges or imposing blames..

Words free me from the toxic within..

It all happened for a reason..

To relieve us from the pain and treason..


I’m content as a saint..

I’m complete as a puzzle..

Happiness doesn’t depend on anyone..

Life goes on.. Even without that special someone..


My heart didn’t cry for someone undeserving..

It did cry over the momentary indignation..


Holding my head high with the respect I earn..

No man or woman can be a reason of my burn..

I’ve embraced it all..

Strength of my soul doesn’t let me fall..

Firsts and Lasts

Firsts and Lasts

In anticipation of a series of new firsts..

Painfully looking at some ordinary lasts..

I wish things were a little different and a little less grim..

In a war between love and obscurity.. I wish the later didn’t win..

If you could be a tad more stronger and I, a bit less understanding..

Our feelings could have avoided this brutal stranding..

Although, it was nothing compared to the past..

It does bleed when the hope is last..

Closing the doors to all of our could have beens..

Pulling everlasting drapes on behind the scenes..

This is the end of an era, a web of entangled emotions..

Somethings might hurt forever, the unscathed remains..


Moment of truth

The moment of truth has come a little early..

Have already seen everything clearly..

All that was to be said and all that was to be decided..

Hold no meaning anymore with our virtues collided..

There is no match of..

My integrity to your mendacity..

My unconditional love to your selfish actions..

That single strand of respect, that final chord of love..

All the bonds broken.. you set me free..

Empty words and hollow emotions..

I can finally make truth out of fake notions.



Oh Ganesha! Oh Destiny! Oh Divine!

Look at these tears in my eyes

Laugh at my failures.. my cries

Mock me for believing in you.. your wit

Punish me for the crimes I did not commit

Burn me for loving the wrong men

Curse me for breaking my heart again

Yes, I loved more than I could have

Yes, I endured more than I should have

I thought you, of all the people would be by my side

When I fall, you would embrace me with your arms open wide

But You are not there.. you do not exist

If you do.. I am not a part of your favorite list

After all these tears and all this pain

Here I stand.. defeated yet again.





Love just happens..

Strange combination of some silly emotions..

Without any expectations.. with no measurements and needs no definition..

There is no reason and it is definitely not the season..


I find myself lost in your laughter..

Your sight makes my day brighter..

Not looking at the past.. not thinking of the future..

Living in the moment.. wiping tears away with humor..

Don’t worry about the outcome.. whatever the results be..

You will never get anything but love.. from me..


Love game..

Neither your memories, nor your betrayal..

Not these tears.. none of our good byes..

Nothing can take you away..

I can no longer keep my feelings at bay..

I would rather be a sore loser..

Than a heartbroken winner..

You are not mine to claim..

But I want to stay.. in the game..



A pain never experienced before…

A feeling that left unexplored..

A unique combination of hatred and love..

Too lonely to be described in words..

Consoling my crying soul..

Tomorrow will be better than today..

But I swear to bury you deep down there.. leaving behind the yearn..

Piling on the stones.. one after another.. making sure there is no return..





Oh.. here come the long awaited rains..

Determined to wash away the pains..

Winds are blowing away the past…

Making a change that will last..

Lightening cuts through the shrouds..

Clearing all the clouds..

It’s gives an awesome view..

And I no more see the color blue..




Yet another trap

Trying to stay away..

Trying to be friend..

suppressing all the feelings..

I don’t know where is it going..

Everything seems to fall in place..

but what defines that place..

You talk.. I talk..

We laugh.. we tease..

But we hide our true selves..

Defying what we used to be..

I’m worried.. secretly..

Is it yet another trap I am falling into?

The end.

I’m tired of being an option for you..

I feel so low about my vanity..

You might not have a clear mind..

But it’ll take me long to move on..

The sooner I start the better it is..

I cannot wait for your feelings to be exclusive for me..

I cannot wait for you to let go of other options..

May be I’ll find someone who’ll love me more than you ever did..

From right now.. at this instant.. I decide to take charge of my heart..

I decide to leave..

I decide to let you go..

I make things easier for you..

May be this is the end of us..


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